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Today we love to present a project, we have worked on in close collaboration with the well known Austrian company Swarovski.

 Six unique fountains on Champs-Elysées have been designed by french brothers, the architects Ronan und Erwan Bouroullec. Goal of the project was toreinvigorate the Parisian landscape with contemporary art and to honor the history of the original fountain.  

The roundabout on Champs-Elysées is now surrounded by these outstanding fountains, decorated with over 3.000 Swarovski-Crystals, which are now a new landmark in Paris.

The kinetic sculptures are 13 meters high with central axes made of bronce-tubes.
These tubes have been cladded with crystals, combined with an integrated LED lighting system and transformed into a delicate, rotating structure.

As an Austrian company, glass-inspiration has contributed to this special project as manufacturer of more than 3.000 safetyglass-elements. These pieces are a composition of Swarovski Crystals, laminated stainless steel components and integrated foam for insulation. A specially developed locking system makes precise assembly and exchange of elements easier. glass-inspiration´s  part of development took eight months and  manufacturing four monthsAll the work has been done in Austria.

Star-architect Ronan Bouroullec said in an interview: „Crystals are like a living material. Their perception changes with the changing day light and the change of seasons. At night, the crystals glass shed soft light. Swarovski‘s technical expertise allowed us the development of a crystal that withstands harsh weather conditions and environmental changes due to its composition and mode of assembly.“

The 6.3 Million Euro project, which is a combination of light installation, perpetuum mobile and water works, has been funded fully by donations from the organization „Fonds pour Paris“. The project has been realized with the support of 40 companies, 250 parties involved and a total duration of 3 years.

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