With passion, lots of creativity and ambition we have developed Design-Trays. High-end products, modified according to our customers requirements, are now available for you. Unique pieces handmade in AUSTRIA.

Basis for each tray is a stainless steel case, galvanized chromium-plated, gold, silver or copper. The interlayer is customized and the top of each tray will be covered by glass.

Examples for interlayers:

  • Thin stone, if favoured including Swarovski Crystals
  • All sorts of fabrics, combined with crystals or metal meshes
  • Wood veneer, plain or lasered with different designs
  • Dichroic foils shining in different colours, depending on the light
  • Mother of pearl, metal leave interlayers and more

Trays can be used for different areas of application:

  • Classy trays with company logo creations
  • Trays as gifts (wedding, birthdays, christmas, anniversaries…)
  • In restaurants as base-plate for starters or desserts
  • Tray for exclusive hotels and / or bathroom toiletries
  • for table decoration
  • Element as piece of art on the wall

Develop your own, personal design for a nice ambience, special ocassions or complimentary gifts.

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