Invisible obstacles such as glass panels represent a great source of danger for birds – on the one hand because they are transparent and on the other hand because glass panels reflect the surroundings and resemble a habitat. In order to prevent collisions effectively, it is recommended to use clearly delimited, strongly contrasting dots, grids or lines.

In cooperation with SEEN GmbH, glass-inspiration laminates colorful sequins between glass and supports the creation of an innovation in the field of bird protection.

You can find details on the design options here.

The sequins for laminated / laminated safety glass immediately catches the eye of the birds too! Tests in the flight channel show that the new inlay significantly reduces the risk of bird strike even with very open grids with a coverage of less than 1 percent.

Sequins, in addition to diverse design possibilities and a 15-20 percent lower g-value compared to black screen printing, now offer additional protection compared to the usual design measures with glass, with protection against bird strikes.

Tests in the flight channel at the biological station in Hohenau-Ringelsdorf according to the new WIN standard show outstanding results with semi-reflecting and reflecting aluminum coating on the outside, even with a minimum coverage of only 0.785 percent.

The results are even more surprising, as the new WIN standard compared to the previous ONR 191040 method also takes reflections of the surrounding into consideration. Thanks to the examination of two identical grids with differently reflecting surfaces that lead to an identical result. Therefore, the test counts as conducted twice.

Further advantages of the patented SEEN GmbH glass inlay is the simple manufacturing process and the fact that the product can also be used with non-toughened glass. Of course, this leads to a great advantage in pricing.

We are looking forward to supporting you in your of bird protection project!dots

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