New Product | Salt Tiles on Glass

glass-inspiration was involved in a project with the request of laminated salt tiles on glass. In this unique project, salt tiles, which are usually used as a separate building material, were glued onto glass. Glass gives the tiles additional stability and therefore more safety.

Using salt tiles opens new possibilities in terms of interior design, because they can be used both in the wet and dry area. Salt tiles are a real eye-catcher. Possible applications of salt tiles are wall claddings, room dividers and many more. Salt tiles are also used as claddings in saunas.

Salt tiles can differ in their color from white to orange. Due to their natural colors, salt tiles, which are a natural building material, cause soft lightning. Besides, they can have a positive influence on emotional and mental well-being. Every salt tile is unique in terms of pattern and color. They are modular and cause a beautiful and nice atmosphere.

Salt tiles are not only an optical highlight, but also well-known for their pleasant properties. Salt helps to clean and purify the air and can therefore increase focus and mood.

Salt tiles awaken memories of the sea or the mountains. Both associations can have a soothing and calming effect. Also tiredness and moodiness can be reduced.

Stones made of salt are more translucent than any other kind of stone. Therefore, salt tiles are ideal for being backlit with LED lights.

If you have technical questions or if you would like to use salt tiles in one of your unique projects, please get in touch with us.

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