Large,or small, round or square, even stripe-shaped sequins can be individually assembled and then laminated between glass by glass-inspiration.

A new, two-sided inlay has been designed specially for lamination between glass. Custom designs can be created with these sequins. Even manufacturing logos made of sequins is possible. The peculiarity of the product lies in its two-sidedness. A metallically reflective front faces a black, color-neutral back. Aluminum of three different kinds as well as titanium and titanium nitride together with the color changing combinations red-yellow and blue-green form the basis for the metallic front side. With digital printing of the aluminum coating, there are hardly any limits in terms of color. Designs are individually customizable. A simple PDF template is enough to implement the personal design in the “sequin design”.

If the elements remain perfectly flat with metal coating on both sides, a one-sided metal coating in combination with a black back creates a particularly pleasant effect. The shapes bulge slightly and a three-dimensional effect, especially visible on the metallic side, is created. In addition to the clear view depth, this creates an independent liveliness in the glass element, because the reflections of incident lights and colors are thrown back on all sides.

This two-sided processing is often the case in facade applications, as in this way a completely opposite effect can be achieved in the interior and exterior. While the interior design is only black, so that the view through the pane is not disturbed or only slightly disturbed, the outer shell shimmers and shines in a versatile way and plays with the changing daylight and the surroundings.

In addition to the numerous design options, three technical aspects meet the spirit of the age. First and foremost is the significant proportion of recycled plastic in the production of the base material. Moreover, independent bird conservationists in Switzerland and Germany confirm the product. Due to its three-dimensionality a good visibility for birds and thus a protection against bird strike on the glass facade. Tests in the flight channel in Europe and the USA follow to prove these statements with appropriate test reports.

The outstanding light and thermal properties are also of great importance: due to 100 percent opacity, the elements perform 10 to 15 percent better than comparable screen printing with identical coverage.

The product is an alternative to screen/ digital printing, metallic coated fabrics or reflective glass coatings.

Facts summarized:

  • Sequin shapes: round, square, stripes·
  • Sequins sizes: 1.5 – 40 mm (round, square); 2 – 150 mm (stripes / lines)·
  • Design options: individual (even, irregular, gradient, partial area, lettering etc.)·
  • Distance between sequins: individual·
  • Basis for production: PDF file·
  • Variants between glass: max. 5 different sequins at a time·
  • Max. Element size: 1600 x 5000 mm (= glass size)·
  • Use: Interior (partitions, doors of all kinds, balustrades, etc.), Exterior (façade / bird protection, balcony glasses, windbreak, design elements of all kinds)
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