glass-inspiration is known for the production of partitioners, wall claddings, table tops, decorative doors, elevator claddings or facade elements made of glass. The different applications have one thing in common – natural materials such as wood veneer or grass can be laminated between the used glass.

The founder of glass-inspiration, Richard Feuerhuber, originally comes from the field of wood technology and furniture construction. With the aim of producing wood veneer in a way that it is protected from dirt and to keep it easy to clean, the idea arose to laminate the decorative meshes and wood veneer between glass.

Today, besides wood veneer, many other materials are used to produce laminated safety glass: full-surface wood veneer, metal mesh, design fabrics, printed foils, hologram foils, skeleton leaves, grass, sandstone, aluminum foam, mother-of-pearl, leaf metals and many more. Even real marble and crystals can be laminated between glass.

The glass elements are manufactured exclusively in the factory in Neuhofen an der Krems, Upper Austria, by a small team of specialists.

The glass fronts of the design furniture were newly developed and consist of a laminated safety glass with toughened 4 mm thick glass. The etched surface can reduce reflections and the degree of gloss.

The design inlay on the back of the fronts can be applied according to customer requirements. The glass is then laminated to a fixed bond with a 1 mm thick HPL sheet. Other materials such as leaf metals, effect foils, design fabrics and more can be integrated. Overall, the glass thickness is around 6 mm, which leads to a maximum weight of 15 kg / m2.

The product range of glass inspiration in the area of designer furniture currently includes cabinets, showcases and sideboards, which are manufactured in a strictly limited edition.

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