Laminated safety glass designed for customers’ need

We manufacture according to our clients specification!
There are no real standards. What we do is unique and not something you can buy off the shelf. Every single element is handmade and manufactured in Austria / EU.

What differs us to others – our “market companions” as we call them?
We love what we do. We do it with passion and we support our clients as much as we can.

No matter if one element or 500 numbers are needed.
No matter if simple interlayers or complicated ones are required.

We are here to support you making your ideas become alive.
Please get in touch directly with us if you have any further questions. Thanks a lot!

Advantages of glass-inspiration

  • Functional & decorative elements
  • Easy to clean without damaging the inlay
  • The inlay is protected from dust, water and the influence of temperature
  • Color brilliance remains constant due to the use of UV resistant foils (94 – 96% UV resistant)
  • Applicable for exterior as well as interior applications due to the EVA foil we use (non hygroscopic foils)
  • Glass thickness from 4 mm. Thinner may be possible – please enquire.
  • All types of glass possible to use (e.g. float, low iron (optiwhite), toughened safety, heat-strengthened, mirrors, etc.)
  • Holes, cut-outs, edge working are available depending on the customer’s needs
  • Laminated Safety Glass due to our laminating process

Shop our designer products online

Together with different designers, we create products for your or your customers’ home. You can buy our designer interieur products in our online shop.
Be fast – some of them are limited!