Review: ICFF 2018 | New York


For the first time, glass-inspiration has manufactured luxurious design-furniture in limited edition. The design itself came from Alfonzo ConZeta, a well known designer from Tyrol / Austria. All front elements are laminated designs from glass-inspiration, using glass in combination with HPL metal-laminates, creating high-end furniture for the market. Showcasing different variations in design within different types of applications, one thing will become clear: There are endless possibilities when using customized elements from us – the austrian manufacturer.

Designer & product developer can make their ideas become true by using their self-designed pieces of glass, choosing interlayers they like to use and combine those with different types of glass.

Doors & door-fillings, tabletops, showerscreens and wallpanels instead of tiles, elevatorcladding, glass for balconies, balustrades, sunshading glass, windscreens, insulated glass elements and fireresistant elements with our designs inbetween. Capabilities we can accompolish with you.

Design – Trays

Furthermore Design-Trays got developed in-house, which can modified and changed according to our clients ideas. Our cliens can choose from different types of materials and mix and match those. It is also possible, supplying own interlayers, which can get integrated too. Create your own Design-Trays for gifts, special clients. luxurious Hotels, yachts or design oriented shops and more. Fabulous products from Europe – Handmade in Austria!

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