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Salt Tiles

glass-inspiration GmbH DESIGN + ENGINEERING has announced a new innovative development – salt tiles laminated on or between glass. The tiles with thicknesses of 5-10 mm and sizes of 50 x 50 mm, 100 x 50 mm and 100 x 100 mm are laminated on or between glass using a special laminating process. The crystalline structure in different color variations makes each finished element unique.

Especially with backlighting, the natural design of the structure and colors bring a cozy atmosphere to your wellness oasis. Salt tiles bind odors and moisture, improve air quality and improve the overall indoor climate. With open salt tiles laminated to glass on one side, the ionization brings a certain amount of salt into the air, which actively supports breathing and increases well-being.

For certain areas, glass-inspiration also offers these salt tiles as a completely closed, laminated system. This protects the salt tiles from moisture from outside and enables decorative applications indoors and outdoors, such as facade elements, partition walls, shower walls, table tops, column cladding and much more.

Different production processes enable glass-inspiration to apply salt tiles over the entire surface or partially. Designs according to the specifications of the architect or designer are a matter of course for us.