Our Company!

glass-inspiration is a global specialist in laminating glass with a wide variety of customised interlayers including wood veneer, metal, alufoam, synthetics, Sefar mesh, stones, foils, fabrics. real grass, skeleton leaves, bast fibre, mother of pearl and Swarovski Crystals.

UV-reststant foil used in the manufacturing process protects the interlayer from fading to ensure products are suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Elements from glass-inspiration are used in a wide range of applications including dividers, wall claddings – such as those found in elevators, table tops, furniture, balustrades, facades, windscreens, shower screens, splashbacks, signage and lamps.
Many different types of glass can be used from float and low-iron, to ornament / structured glass and mirrors.

Striking special effects are created through back-lit elements, while panels can be back painted or sand blasted.

No matter the need, glass-inspiration supports its clients by helping to bring their creative ideas to life.