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Are you looking for something outstanding, something which does look great and meets all your technical requirements? glass-inspiration is the right partner for you. 

Already for a long time we are the specialist, when it comes to laminated glass. Through our specialized manufacturing process we can laminate a large variety of inlays between 2 or more panes of glass. 

We are based in Upper Austria, where we manufacture laminated safety glass on customers request where the optical appearance meets all technical advantages glass has to offer. 

Anywhere where glass is needed as functional and also decorative element, glass-inspiration will be the right partner for your project. Our clients based all over the world appreciate how unique we are, the amount of possibilities we have and the technical detail solutions we offer. 

So far we have laminated more than 300 different inlays and designs for our clients. These inlays are for example wood- and metal meshes, fabrics, translucent thin stones and wood veneers, Swarovski Crystals, real grass, leafes and petals, mother of pearl and many more. We would love supporting you and your project.

Advantages of glass-inspiration:

  • Individual manufacturing process starting from one piece
  • Customized elements
  • Different types of glass panes applicable 
  • Individual holes, cut-outs, edges 
  • Applicable for internal and external use
  • Technical support and brainstorming with our customers
  • Functional and decorative
  • Laminated Safety Glass due to our laminating process

Applications (extract):

Dividers, wall- and elevatorcladdings, doors and doorfillings, design furniture,balustrades, balconies, facades, windscreens, sunshading elements, splashbacks, IGU units with design, fire resistant elements with design and much more.

Wherever decorative elements with the advantage of lamianted safety glass is needed, glass-inspiration will support you as best as possible. 

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Company holidays (production & office): 13th September until 24th September 2021.

We will be back on 27th September 2021 for you and your requests

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