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Individual laminated safety glass from Austria

glass-inspiration is a newly developed laminated safety glass.


A specially developed manufacturing process allows different types of inlays to be inseparably integrated between two sheets of glass. A high quality compound is created which combines the naturalness of the inlay with the technical advantage of glass.

Decorative and functional laminated safety glass for the interior as well as for the exterior. That is what glass-inspiration describes best.

So far we do have over 200 different inlays and designs from veneer to wooden weaves, lasered metal sheets, metal mesh, stretch metal, fabrics, foils, paperdecor, sandstone, Swarovski cristalls, alufoam, mother of pearl, real dried grass and leaves in different styles and much more. Combining 2 different inlays or even more is possible as well.

We love being creative! If you do have your own idea and maybe your own inlay (5mm thick max.), please feel free and contact us. We would be more than happy to help you, developing your own, unique design-element.


Quick overview about advantages of glass-inspiration - laminated safety glass:

  • Functional & Decorative Elements
  • Easy to clean without damaging the inlay
  • Inlay is protected from dust, water and influence of temperature
  • Color brilliance remains constant due to UV resistant foil, which will be used (94-96% UV resistant)
  • Applicable for the interior as well as for the exterior due to the EVA foil which we use (no hygroscopic foils).
  • Glass thickness from 4mm; thinner eventually possible. Please ask
  • All types of glass possible to use (e.g. float glass, low iron glass (optiwhite), toughened safety glass, heat-strengthened glass, mirrors,…
  • Holes, cut-outs, edge working possible, depending on the customers needs
  • Laminated Safety Glass due to our  laminating process


If you do need dividers, wallpanels / wallcladding, doors, showerdoors, splash backs, specially designed furniture, windscreens or outside, glass for facades, balustrades, cladding for your lift. Whenever you do need decorative, functional glass, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks a lot for your interest in laminated safety glass products from glass-inspiration.