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Functional design glass elements

With passion and precision we laminate unique materials between glass for you.

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In a specially developed manufacturing process, a wide variety of interlayers are inserted between two glass plates and inseparably connected by using laminating foils. This creates a high-quality composite material that combines the natural properties of the respective interlayer with the technical advantages of the glass. In addition, two or more (and sometimes even) different interlayers can be combined between glass. At glass-inspiration there are no real standards. Every single element is handmade in Austria, whether it is a single piece or multiple elements. Design glasses can be used both indoors and outdoors. The edge processing is important here, so that the interlayer is also protected from moisture.

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Our craftsmanship

We love the craft we deal with. What we do, we do with love, passion and enthusiasm. Architects, designers or simply creative people are exactly the ones we support and whose ideas we want to realize in glass.

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Need inspiration?

Be amazed at the many ways in which design glasses from glass-inspiration can be used.
Inlays made of various materials such as wood, metal, gold, silver, foil, paper, crystals, mother-of-pearl, real grass and leaves, fabric, thin stone etc. can be realised. Would you like more information? Visit our design shop to get creative as quickly as possible.

distinguishes us

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Functional & decorative
design glass elements with inlays
between glass and on glass

Element sizes up to max. 5000 x 1500 mm.
glass thickness, types can be combined

Protected from moisture,
pollution (e.g. graffiti) and weathering

Very good color stability through the use of UV-resistant EVA films (94-96% UV-resistant)

All types of glass can be used, such as float glass, white glass, fire protection glass and much more.

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Handmade, unique, individual from batch size 1, also as special shapes

glassinspiration applications shower partition wall

Our applications

glass-inspiration is functional and decorative laminated safety glass that is manufactured exclusively according to customer requirements. Partition walls – dividers, wall panels, doors of all kinds, door infills, showerscreens, kitchen splash backs, panels as wind protection or privacy screens outdoors, facade glass, (balcony) balustrade glass, elevator cladding, stairs, floors, furniture, lamps are just a few examples where glass-inspiration can provide support. We look forward to your inquiry!

glass inspiration craft

Furnishings and designer furniture

In our design shop you will find furnishings that were partly designed in collaboration with different designers. Some of the products are only produced in limited editions!


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