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glass inspiration - symbol image glass structure

glass-inspiration is able to process all types of glass, such as:

  • Float and low iron glass
  • Mirror, antique mirror
  • Etched glass
  • Printed glass
  • Ornament glass
  • Tinted, lacquered or enameled glass and many more.

A wide variety of materials can be laminated, such as:

  • Fabric: cotton, linen, synthetic fabrics, etc.
  • Grass: real grasses, grains, leaves (skeleton leaves)
  • Wood: wood veneers, lasered wood, translucent veneers (for backlighting), wood mesh
  • Metal: metal mesh, lasered metals, variegated metals, aluminum foam, bronze, gold, platinum
  • Stone: thin stones (1-3 mm thick), slate slabs, sandstones
  • Other: high quality crystals, mother of pearl, salt tiles, fusing glass, raffia
  • Foils: Sequins, dots, special and colored foils, shading foils, dichroic foils etc.

It is often also possible to combine different materials within one element. Some inlays can also be partially and not just fully laminated all over between glass. This results in endless design possibilities.

In the case of contract lamination, glass-inspiration offers the opportunity to implement your creative ideas quickly and unbureaucratically from just one piece with the glasses and/or inlays provided.

Waterjet cutting

glass inspiration - symbol image glass structure

Equipped with a top 5-axis water jet machine, we are able to cut a wide variety of materials with this high-tech system. We cut glass, metal, plastic or other materials. We can provide them with bevels, process them into special shapes and more. Talk to us. We are happy to support you with your projects!