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New Product | Sequins between Glass

Large,or small, round or square, even stripe-shaped sequins can be individually assembled and then laminated between glass by glass-inspiration....
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Meet us in Berlin | ZAK World of Façades | Berlin, Germany

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, glass-inspiration takes part in the ZAK World of Façades Conference in Berlin, Germany on 18...
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Trade Fair | Glass Performance Days 2019 | Tampere, Finland

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, glass-inspiration went to Tampere, Finland! We have exhibited at the Glass Performance Days in Tampere from...
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Special Project | Crystal Fountain | Paris Champs Élysées

Bonjours Mesdames et Messieurs, Today we love to present a project, we have worked on in close collaboration with...
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Trade Fair | Wohnen & Interieur 2019 | Vienna

glass-inspiration went to Vienna! We spontainously decided to exhibit some of our finished products at the trade fair in...
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Project Buergenstock – Palace Hotel

glass inspiration delivered fire-retardant glass elements with decorative leaf metal decor in the project “Palace Hotel am Buergenstock” in...
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ZAK World of Façades

18. 09. | Berlin, Germany

02. 10. | London, United Kingdom

10. 10. | Stockholm, Sweden