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Barkcloth, a fascinating material made from the bark of trees, has a variety of applicatons in modern interior design.
Naturalness and sustainability:
Barkcloth is made exclusively by hand from the bark of trees. It contains no additives, colors or binders.
Production requires minimal water consumption and is carbon neutral or even carbon positive when the tree´s natural carbon sequestration is taken into account. A tree bark fleece corresponds exactly to the harvest of a tree and is therefore a unique natural product.
Aesthetics and diversity:
Barkcloth comes in a variety of hues, from orange to terracotta to deep reddish brown. The texture varies from thin to thick (0.3 – 1.8 mm), with the majority being between 0.7 and 1.1 mm. Occassional seams and patches made of sisal or bast thread are natural and make each individual cloth unique.
Wall- / elevator- / barcladding:
Barkcloth is great for this. Its translucent properties allow for gentle light transmission.
Furniture and furnishings:
As an insert in laminated glass elements, it gives tables, cupboards and shelves a natural touch.
Dividers and doors:
Barkcloth can be integrated as a design element in room dividers or glass doors and door infills.
Special designs:
The three-dimensional formability enables interesting design options, even for curved elements. Partial occupancy of the unique pieces between glass can also be implemented in our factory.
Barkcloth is a unique material that combines naturalness, aesthetics and sustainability
and can be used in a variety of ways in interior design.