IENA 2018

The world renowned international fair IENA Nuremberg based in Germany is an exhibition over four days which is a platform for the very best inventors and their inventions from around the world. This exhibition brought together 12,500 people from around 30 countries showcasing 800 inventions.
Opening to trade visitors on the first two days and thereafter the general public people came to discover new concepts, ideas, inventions and to network within some of the most diverse industries which brought together enterpreneurs, investors, developers and supporters creating a great deal of interest.
HALE our founding company attended for the first time, showcasing their invention – a hook-in system for wall claddings, where special metal angles are laminated between glass, this process also allows us to laminate 3 mm thick stone too. The basis for this development was on one of our projects for the St Nicholas Church at ground Zero in New York.
The architects original idea was to use solid stone panels and glue them onto a substructure to create an outer wall cladding for the building. Halle company founder Richard Feuerhuber who is the creative head within the firm realised very early on within the concept stage that this process would require hundreds of hours of production time gluing panels of solid stone onto the substructure and a substantial time on site installing the finished panels.
His solution was to develop a hook – in system for wall claddings that is totally unique and once again confirms and reassures to new and established clients who visited the exhibition the companies ability to design develop and create unique solutions on a project brief where a unique solution, time and cost are a major factor.

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